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Thorough and professional holistic diagnosis

Master of Oriental Medicine Degree, Colorado

Constitutional treatment of a problem's roots

Harmonic Yin & Yang Tuning Forks: Acupuncture and Acutonics® Tuning Forks

Fixed location Kapaa and island wide home visits

Sterile and single-use needles of different gauge and size

Comfortable and long massage table

special treatment with Essential Oils


  It seems today we can easily find ourselves getting caught up in an ever complicated world. But even over a couple thousand years ago they were treating stress. Doctors of Chinese Medicine only used herbs and acupuncture as a last resort, after diet and lifestyle were primarily addressed. My practice begins with this concept. Promoting Hawaii alternative health and wellness as much as possible.

Doctor friendly. Acupuncture does not only work wonderfully alone, but also excellent with other medicines and healing arts. Kauai, Hawaii is a natural place to find local Kapaa to Koloa community alternative health.

  My practice honors each individual's wants and needs with the goal to create better health.

"What if I'm afraid of needles?"

As a Kauai Chinese Medicine practitioner, providing acupuncture from Kapaa to Koloa I want you to know your options. Needles are just one of the ways to practice traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). There is also herbal medicine, QiGong, Tai Qi, Tui Na or Chinese massage, tuning forks in place of needles, essential oils, Moxabustion, Gua Sha etc. and of course diet and lifestyle. You may want to also just try needles gently and slowly so that it feels right for you. I am also a Kauai Access Consciousness practitioner, and provide Kauai raindrop oils spinal massage. Also offering in Kauai BAT or Body Alignment Therapy, an energetic alignment with life noticing results.

"Can children benefit from Acupuncture?"

Yes! Children usually heal as quick as they get ill or hurt. In TCM this age is regarded as very yang in nature. Some children as young as infants benefit from a single needle and others from just touching pressure points, acupressure or tui na. There are other tools as mentioned above. I've found tuning forks in Kauai work great and they are kid friendly and fun.

"Does my insurance cover Acupuncture?"

Everybody's insurance is different. Ask your insurance company about acupuncture options specificially Hawaii acupuncture, if applicable I will be listed as a provider. Blu Jade Acupuncture/ Laura Michele, Kauai, Hawaii is insured and a provider for HMAA, and Humana Kauai insurance companies. I can also provide a Kauai "superbill" that you can give your insurance a full receipt along with diagnosis codes, CPT codes as well as my Kauai acupuncture licensure.

This ancient medicinal art not only creates a solid foundation for health, but with safe, gentle manipulation, it has been known to ease and safely, effectively treat many ailments. Weight loss, emotional imbalance, addictions, drug and alcohol recovery, pain are just a few, etc.


Feel Free to Call me with any Question: Laura Michele, Lic. Ac. 808-652-0381

Laura Michele
Dipl. Acupuncturist

Hawaii Licensed
HMAA & Humana Whole Health provider

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It was very serendipitous to discover the Blue Jade Vine once I moved here. Blu Jade was actually a name given to me by my Chinese Professor in Colorado.

It comes from Jade Woman, the Quan Yin of Chinese Medicine.